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Katalog-57 - Bid sheet (english)

210 Auktionshaus Gutowski E-Mail MAIL / FAX BID Auktionshaus Gutowski Leiferder Weg 19 38304 Wolfenbüttel Germany Name Adress City /zip-code Coutry E-Mail 57th Auction • November 17th 2014 You may send your bid by fax: ++49-5331-975555 from USA: 01149-5331-975555 Lot no. Description (shortly) Maximum bid € Lot no. Description (shortly) Maximum bid € All written bids should be made in EUR. The buyer shall pay the hammer price, together with a premi- um thereon per lot of 21% (included VAT) on the premium plus costs of shipping and handling. Your bids will be taken into consideration independently and carefully. If, for example, you bid EUR 150 while the next highest bid is EUR 100 you would obtain the item for EUR 105. In this way there is no risk for you, should you give bids above„Startpreis" (= starting price). International bidders can trans- fer the money to my bank account. All prices in my auction catalog are minimum prices in EUR. No bids below starting price (= Startpreis) will be accepted (Schätzpreis = estimate) Date Bidder’s signature