Auktionshaus Gutowski • 64th Auction

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The prices in this catalogue are estimates (= Schätzpreis) and starting prices (= Startpreis).

No bid below the starting price can be accepted.

All written bids should be made in EUR.

The buyer will pay a premium of 21% on the hammer price (plus V.A.T.)
All payments by mail, bank transfer, internet etc. must be made in Euro.

Your bids will be taken into consideration independently and carefully. If, for example, you bid EUR 150 while the next highest bid is EUR 100 you would obtain the item for EUR 105. In this way there is no risk for you, should you give bids above „Startpreis".

Auktionen seit 1986
Auction date: January 23rd 2017
Please submit your bids as early as possible

Condition terminology for items:
UNC = Uncirculated
EF = Extremely Fine, minor folds
VF = Very Fine, circulated item with folds, pin holes or/and signs of wear & tear
F = Fine, an even more heavilly circulated item, very creased and worn

Abbreviations German/English
Schätzpreis = estimate
Startpreis = starting price
Erhaltung = condition
nicht entwertet = not cancelled
lochentwertet = hole cancelled
anh. (= anhängend) = attached

Images of all items offered are stored in our imaging database archive.
Images given in this catalogue may come from this archive and may therefor
bear a serial number different from the piece actually offered.

Quality Consignments Wanted

I'm always accepting consignments for future auctions, as well as collections or individual items.

Please contact me for a confidential evaluation of your entire collection or just a single piece.

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